The DPA Pam Blumenthal Community Service Award was created following the untimely death of Pam Blumenthal, PhD, an outstanding young psychologist and mental health advocate. Since the founding of this award in 1991, a number of deserving organizations serving children and young families have been recognized. DPA has also extended this honor to individuals and organizations providing outstanding support to the community.

Criteria for the Pam Blumenthal Community Service Award:

  • Local DFW person/ organization/ program
  • Dedication to welfare of children, families, or the community as a whole
  • Serves underserved /most vulnerable populations
  • Promotes the profession of psychology through their work/program
  • Works to promote the best interest of people in Texas

Past Recipients:

Parkland Victim Intervention Program/Rape Crisis Center (2016)

Galaxy Counseling Center (2011)

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