Past President:
Avery Hoenig, PhD
Kim Roaten, PhD
Alex Foxwell, PhD
President-Elect Designate:
Charlotte Haley, PhD
Hayley Fournier, PhD
Hillary Thomas, PhD
Heidi Rossetti, PhD, Clair Gioia, PhD, Mona Robbins, PhD, Katie Sardone, PhD
Student Representatives:
Josh Becker, Katie Munro, Daniel Elledge


DPA is looking for interested individuals to become a part of the Executive Committee (EC).

New EC members are installed at the May social and then have an orientation retreat during the summer. The EC then meets monthly throughout the year. Being on the Executive Committee of DPA provides unique skills and experiences. Each year, we look to fill a variety of positions, so any of our members could be an asset to DPA.

Following are some of the specific skills that are commonly appreciated on the EC. We need people interested in planning and organizing social functions and gatherings. This is a great opportunity for someone who can offer a creative flair to the planning process. We also appreciate volunteers who are technological savvy, as DPA continues to leverage the power of social networking on Facebook and Twitter. DPA is also looking for members who have financial planning skills. Knowledge in this area will help DPA continue to be fiscally sound in the coming years.

Times are changing and we have a great many needs, so please consider serving DPA and its members on the EC. Whatever your gifts and skills, we can use them! If you have a desire to serve on the Executive Committee, please contact DPA at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..