Past President Hillary Kimbley, PhD
President Aysha Najjab, PhD  
President Elect Daniel Elledge, PhD  
President Elect Designate Josh Becker, PhD  
Treasurer Kristine McCaslin, PsyD  
Secretary Hilary Hodgson, PhD  
Trustee Kristin Wolfe, PhD  
Trustee Jaya Mathew, PhD  
Trustee Rupa Naidu, PhD  
Trustee open position  
Student Rep Ellen Andrews (UTSW)  
Student Rep Meredith Higgins (TWU)


Join our Executive Committee!

New Executive Committee (EC) members are installed at the May social and then have an orientation during the summer. The EC meets monthly throughout the year. Being on the Executive Committee of DPA provides unique skills and experiences. Each year, we look to fill a variety of positions, so any of our members could be an asset to DPA.

Some of the specific skills that are commonly appreciated on the EC include: planning and organizational skills, technological savvy, financial planning skills, and creativity. Above all though we value those who can be engaged and committed to promoting the objectives of the DPA. Please consider serving DPA and its members on the EC. Whatever your gifts and skills, we can use them! If you have a desire to serve on the Executive Committee, please contact DPA at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..