UT Southwestern Psychotherapy Clinic: Providing Student and Resident Training and Reduced Fee Treatment.

DPA would like to take this opportunity to share one of the resources available to the community at UT Southwestern Medical Center (UTSW). UT Southwestern Psychotherapy Clinic is an integral part of the Clinical Psychology graduate program and the Psychiatry Residency program at UTSW. Through this clinic, therapists-in-training provide individual and group psychotherapy services to adults and couples (age = 18) with various emotional difficulties or mental illness.

UT Southwestern Psychotherapy Clinic operates under the guidance of Alyson Nakamura M.D., Medical Director and Alex Foxwell, Ph.D., Psychology Director. Both doctoral clinical psychology students/interns, and psychiatry residents conduct treatment under close supervision by a licensed clinician. Patients seen for individual therapy through the UT Southwestern Psychotherapy Clinic have access to evaluation for medication or medication management. In addition, psychological evaluations and neuropsychological evaluations are provided by psychology students and interns through the clinic.

In addition to providing excellent training for future psychologists and psychiatrist, UT Southwestern Psychotherapy Clinic provides a low-cost option for individuals who could benefit from treatment but for whom insurance coverage or private practice cost is a barrier to receiving psychological services. The clinic implements a flat rate of $15 per 1-hour treatment session, $30/month for group, and $30/hour for evaluations. If you would like to know more about the services provided, or have a patient whom you would like to refer, please contact the UT Southwestern Psychotherapy Clinic at 214-648-7012.