Student Member

STUDENT AFFILIATE status is available to those graduate students who are matriculated in a psychology-based program and sign an attestation of being a student in good standing. Student Affiliates may not hold Association office other than Student Representative or vote, but are entitled to all other privileges held by Members.


Duration: 365 days
Price: $25.00

Benefits of Membership

Dallas Psychological Association (DPA) introduces “Find a Psychologist” online! The resource is updated in real-time and helps the public as well as referral sources locate psychological services tailored to their needs. Great lengths were taken to ensure a new and improved option for connecting the public with our members; Doctoral-Level Psychologists who show their commitment to the profession through membership in DPA.
Receive reduced fees on all workshops with your membership. DPA conducts at least four yearly workshops with at least one workshop satisfying the state requirements for ethics and one for diversity. The Professional Development Discount Benefit is an even greater benefit than in years past. We now ensure that members are able to earn all 20 hours of training required by TSBEP.
DPA works closely with Texas Psychological Association (TPA) on legislative and board-related issues. While the DPA Legislative Committee primarily coordinates advocacy with TPA and APA, our leadership reserves the right to abstain from advocacy not supported by DPA or to formulate an independent position, specifically when doing so would be in the best interest of Dallas and North Texas Psychologists.
DPA strives to maintain relationships with LPC's, LMFT's and Social Workers, expressing our recognition that these professionals chose a terminal master’s degree affording independent practice rights following a period of supervised experience. We now offer CEU’s for these professionals given our respect for the important role they play in the mental health community.
Receive regular email communications with detailed information on issues and events affecting North Texas Psychologists and mental health professionals. Communications are published via email and are also archived on the web site. Through saving on traditional printing and mailing costs, DPA is able to reallocate these savings toward delivering nationally recognized presenters for workshops.
As an additional benefit, members are encouraged to highlight themselves on our website, informing the membership of accomplishments or of personal news of interest. We would also love to have members submit articles for publication on our website. Please email us for assistance in submitting articles, announcements, or advertisements.
Receive regular email updates on events and issues of interest to members. These emails will notify members of upcoming workshops and social events as well as legislative concerns. At times, DPA will also notify our members of other opportunities of interest to psychologists.
Find available positions on the DPA website. You may also post positions on our site.
Find or list available office space on the DPA website. This is a great way to link members with space to perform great work!