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Contact Jennifer Morrison, PhD-HSP, LSSP
Owner, Lead Provider/Kids BRAIN, LLC
214-360-9044 (office)


Kids BRAIN is a private neuropsychological practice with three licensed psychologists offering bilingual neuropsychological assessment, consultation, executive function training, and counseling. All staff have been providing autism and developmental testing services, but would like to bring in a new staff member with a passion for these types of services that can focus on this population exclusively (due to high demand). We reside in a new build office space (finished summer 2019) that is just north and west of 635 and the Tollway. Just completed a second expansion to include an additional 1200 SF of adjacent work space, which includes a fully furnished waiting area, play therapy space, developmental testing space, and a group therapy room with all the amenities. We are looking to keep services "in house" that we usually refer out for. This is a team of strong and passionate female providers looking to bring in like-minded professionals to round out the "village" of supports that we offer patients. The practice is 13 years old, with a strong referral base in the community, and positive reputation. All positions are contract positions, so providers are given administrative support, beautifully furnished and appointed work space, and the personal freedom to do the type of work they love on their own schedule. All the benefits of private practice, but with owner and administrative support for all the parts that are negative (paying for and and maintaining space, taking phone calls, dealing with billing and collections, buying test kits, protocols, and materials). Descriptions of positions below (call or email for more detailed information).

Play Therapist: Looking for a fully licensed psychologist or RPT to provide a combination of play therapy and parent training for preschool age children. Opportunities for virtual services (parent-driven) and in person services (at your discretion). 

Counselor: Looking for a fully licensed psychologist or LPC to provide pediatric counseling services for children ages 8 to 19. Opportunities for virtual services and in person services (at your discretion).

Developmental Specialist: Looking for a licensed psychologist or LSSP for a combination of developmental/autism assessment for infants and toddlers and parent training to support children with social communication deficits/autism. Opportunities for parent training immediately (in person and virtually, at your discretion). In-person services are currently on hold due to mask restrictions. 


13500 Midway Road, Suite 314 Dallas, TX 75244